VooVoo was formed back in 1986 by the leading Polish rock and jazz musicians:
WOJCIECH WAGLEWSKI - lead singer, guitarist and musician who toured and made studio recordings with the leading jazz artists, spent 6 years abroad (1979 - 85). He tours and records with 'Osjan' and 'Gaya'.
MATEUSZ POSPIESZALSKI - saxophone, flute, clarinet, accordion, keyboard instruments, vocals. He performed with 'Mannam', 'Tie Break' and 'Graal' as well as Stanislaw Sojka. At the moment he is working with 'YeShe'.
PIOTR 'STOPA' ŻYŻYLEWICZ - drums. He played with 'Armia' and 'Israel', now he Is working with 'Tymoteusz 2TM,2,3'
KARIM MARTUSEWICZ - double bass and bass guitar, joined VooVoo in 1998. He graduated from Jazz School in Gratz (Austria). He gave conceits with different groups (mainly funky and jazz) in Austria, Germany, Italy and Turkey. At Montreux'97 Jazz Festival
he played with Delmar Brown and Dong Wimbish.
Perfect technique and experience gained in various groups helped to launch a band with a style all of its own, enthusiastically received both by the critics and the audience. Although the group does not strive for commercial success, it is slowly becoming a cult band - their records sell well and their concerts enjoy immense popularity. Their unique style and creative search for expression, valued by the critics and the audience, finds its expression in various forms such as music composed for the film and theatre, compositions for children and other artists as well as carols.
As the group made its debut at the festival in Jarocin and then performed there every year, many people associate the group with alternative music. Despite this they have managed to introduce its elements to philharmonic halls and theatres - they recorded together with a string quartet and composed music for theatrical performances. Possibly for this reason Polish TV has already made two films about Wojciech Waglewski. All the musicians are often invited to accompany other artists.
The group's latest album 'The Record' has been hailed by the critics as the best in their career and has been presented to the audiences in clubs of New York, Chicago, Vienna and all over Poland. The compositions contain the elements of club music and nu-jazz.
The band is very busy giving, on average, from 8 to 10 concerts a month, both in small clubs for 200 - 400 people and philharmonic halls, theatres as well as during open-air events.
Since 1993 the group has been managed by Teatr Scena Ruchu from Lublin. It was also in 1993 that the group started working with Jaroslaw Koziara who designed the concert sets and record covers.